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Solana (SOL) rate rally might fizzle out due to weak principles

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Solana’s (SOL) current 250% rally to $25 has stunned numerous financiers in the crypto market. At the verysame time, traders who had eyes on the unfavorable financing rate for SOL in the futures market might haveactually preparedfor the bullish relocation ahead of others.

It’s since extreme unfavorable financing rates, like the one in Solana showed listedbelow, suggests that the bulk of traders are on the brief side, offering an chance for purchasers to run their stops.

SOL financing rate for continuous swaps. Source: Coinglass

Regardless of the factor behind the cost boost, if sufficient purchasers are interested in signingupwith the bullish relocation, it can turn into a medium-to-long-term bullish pattern. However, Solana’s essential and market analysis reveals weakpoint, which will more mostlikely cause a high correction in the altcoin.

Solana discovers a deserving rival in NFT area

Solana ranks 2nd in terms of NFT trading throughout blockchain platforms. Ethereum commands the lion’s share of the overall NFT trading volume with an 81.6% share. Solana has the 2nd mostsignificant pie with an 11.6% share, according to information from Delphi Digital.

However, the environment got a problem when 2 of the biggest jobs in DeGods and y00ts chose to shift away from Solana. The departure of top-performing tasks sets a bad precedent for item designers looking to launch NFTs. To date, Ethereum stays the go-to option for huge brandnames and neighborhood tasks.

Share of NFT trading volume by blockchains from Dec. 4 to Jan. 4. Source: Delphi Digital

Moreover, Polygon has began acquiring traction after creating secret collaborations with brandnames like Reddit, Starbucks, and Meta. DeGods likewise picked Polygon over Solana after getting a $3 million grant from Polygon Labs. Polygon’s organization advancement group hasactually been acknowledged as the finest in organization.

The use information from Nansen for Polygon and Solana validates the diversion where the number of active users on Polygon is increasing while Solana’s use hasactually been in a drop because mid-2022.

NFT traders per week on Polygon (left) and Solana (right). Source: Nansen

Solana has efficiency and trust concerns

Solana’s network endedupbeing undesirable last year since of regular and prolonged network blackouts and hacks. There were more than 5 blackouts in 2022 alone. Jump Crypto, a market-making fund, hasactually proposed a option to the issue by establishing a backup validator customer, Firedancer. Its real-world efficiency is yet to be checked.

The overall network charges metric is one of the most effective signs for studying activity throughout a platform. Solana’s stats from token terminal display a down pattern in the network activity, with weekly active users decreasing each quarter consideringthat 2022.

Total gas invested on Solana. Source: token terminal

Besides downtime, the environment likewise lost trust amongst users due to big hacks. The $312 million Wormhole bridge hack is one of the biggest crypto makesuseof of2022 There was likewise an occurrence where $8 million SOL was drainedpipes from users’ wallets. 

The last blow to trust came after FTX collapsed duetothefactthat FTX-Alameda was the greatest entity support the Solana environment. The defunct endeavor capitalist company and exchange holds around 58 million SOL tokens, or 10.7% of Solana’s overall supply. Of these, 6.7 million will be opened yearly upuntil 2025, followed by 5 million SOL till2028 These holdings include a substantial sell-off threat.

FTX’s collapse likewise took down Serum, the leading liquidity source for brand-new DeFi applications. In this regard, the failure of the biggest decentralized exchange, Mango Markets, likewise drove out lotsof DeFi users.

Total locked worth in Solana’s DeFi community. Source: DefiLlama

Bearish divergence identified in SOL/USD chart

In all possibility, the current SOL cost rise from $10 to $25 was the outcome of a short-squeeze in the futures market. The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indication reveals a bearish divergence in the day-to-day SOL/USD chart. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) which procedures the market’s momentum likewise moved to oversold area, raising the possibility of additional correction.

SOL/USD 1-day rate chart. Source: TradingView

There’s a possibility that the present bullish momentum will continue till it satisfies the resistance at $33, which is the breakdown location from the FTX collapse and where the 50-day Exponential Moving Average presently sits.

The long-to-short ratio in the future market still reveals a minor bearish disposition of 51.5% in shorts versus 48.5% in longs. This will mostlikely supply fuel for the last leg up in SOL/USD.

Long to brief ratio for SOL futures. Source: Coinglass

Conversely, a breakout above $33 level can cause a rise towards $135. Unless the Solana structure develops significant collaborations like Polygon, or program enhanced use information, the above appears extremely unlikely.

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