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Journal CEO: The collapse of banks is a ‘crash course to Bitcoin’ | PBW 2023

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The collapse of significant banks highlights the requirement for Bitcoin (BTC) and self-custody according to Pascal Gauthier, the CEO and Chairman of hardware wallet supplier Ledger. 

In an interview with Cointelegraph pressreporter Joseph Hall at the Paris Blockchain Week, Gauthier spoke about how current occasions program how BTC can be a safe sanctuary versus the danger of main authorities. He discussed that:

“Bitcoin was developed in response to Lehman Brothers in the 2008 crisis. It was created since you can’t trust main authorities. And, it’s developed duetothefactthat it’s clear that main authorities will stopworking. It’s not a concern of if. It’s more a concern of when.”

According to Gauthier, whenever events like Celsius, FTX and bank collapses takeplace, individuals, flock to self-custody and to crypto. “Whenever the market gets stressedout and whenever individuals worry for their costsavings, you understand, they rush to crypto and to Ledger,” he pointed out.

Ledger CEO Pascal Gauthier sits down with Cointelegraph at the Paris Blockchain Week 2023

In addition, the Ledger executive likewise thinks that individuals are beginning to notification the truth of banks duetothefactthat of the existing scenario. Gauthier discussed that numerous individuals come from the concept that the function of banks is to secure individuals’s funds duetothefactthat even if banks stopworking, individuals will be compensated. However, this might not be the case.

“They’re figuring out that really, it’s not always the case. And so it’s bothersome. But onceagain, it’s a crash course to Bitcoin and why it exists and why it’s needed for the future,” he discussed.

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When asked if standard brandnames coming into Web3 can possibly endedupbeing a risk to the decentralization of crypto, Gauthier revealed self-confidence that this will not occur. He stated:

“If this occurs, then crypto is dead and then we relocation on to the next thing. I imply, it’s either crypto will be decentralized or will not be. And all these brandnames infact do comprehend this.”

According to the Ledger CEO, brandnames were able to discover a lesson from Facebook’s failure to regard the values of crypto which is decentralization. “We’ve seen the motionpicture now, you understand, they [Facebook] stoppedworking since they didn’t regard some of the essential concepts of what crypto is,” he stated. He included that anybody attempting to centralize crypto is predestined to stopworking. According to Gauthier, these are “two magnets that’s simply not going to stick together.”

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