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FTX miniseries gets go ahead, covering the ‘most brazen scams ever dedicated’

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An eight-episode minimal series checkingout the unraveling and scandals behind sunken crypto exchange FTX and its management is slated to quickly start production.

The series hasactually been bought by innovation corporation Amazon, and will mostlikely air on Amazon’s video streaming service Prime.

It’s comprehended to be based on “insider reporting” from reporters covering FTX and its creator Sam Bankman-Fried according to a Nov. 23 report from the homeentertainment publication Variety.

Brothers Joe and Anthony Russo, famous for directing Avengers: Endgame and several other Marvel-owned motionpictures are reported to haveactually offered the concept to Amazon and are slated to direct the mini-series.

Details are sparse with what instructions the series will take, the source product it will draw from, and what time duration and individuals it will focus on, with all of it still kept under covers for the time being.

In their factor for pursuing a series on the FTX story, the Russos bros informed Variety what occurred with the exchange “is one of the most brazen scams ever devoted,” and suggested on Bankman-Fried:

“At the center of it all sits an very mystical figure with complex and possibly unsafe inspirations. We desire to comprehend why.”

Amazon is slated to start producing the program as early as March 2023, and while the characters and the stars who will play them are unidentified, it’s reported the Russos are in conversations with previous Marvel stars they’ve worked with to fill the primary functions.

The concept for FTX-inspired films similar to The Big Short and the Wolf of Wall Street has currently been joked around on Twitter over a week ago, with some members of the neighborhood currently taking the effort to cast who would play Sam Bankman-Fried, Alameda CEO Caroline Ellison, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao and other associated gamers, such as Terra’s Do Kwon.

One Twitter user pitched the concept of “FTX THE MOVIE” on Nov. 12, picking Wolf of Wall Street’s Jonah Hill to play Bankman-Fried, while comic Jimmy O. Yang might play Changpeng Zhao.

Another user developed a marketing poster with their take on the movie’s title: “The Wolf of Effective Altruism” spoofing The Wolf of Wall Street and poking enjoyable at Bankman-Fried’s philosophical position of desiring to aid others.

It appears Hollywood is excited to snap up the rights to stories focused on the collapse of the world’s top crypto exchanges.

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Author and monetary reporter Michael Lewis, recognized for his book “The Big Short” on the 2008 monetary crisis, is supposedly looking to sell book rights on an FTX story after costs 6 months with Bankman-Fried in the months leading up to FTX’s implosion.

Big Tech gamer Apple is supposedly the front-runner for the rights pounding out rivals Amazon and Netflix, with objectives to produce a movie for its video-streaming service Apple TV Plus.

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