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Berlin’s biggest blockchain studio Lightcurve announces recruitment plans

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Blockchain technology is more than Bitcoin (BTC). It is the applications, the solutions, and the possibilities that are enabled when technology allows parties to transact with one another directly. And although significant strides have been made in developing decentralized apps (DApps) in recent years, the future, which some believe may culminate in the metaverse, is still yet to be defined. Therefore, the thinkers, believers and employees of blockchain projects will set the stage for the financial, social and technological revolution the world is about to undergo.

People have consistently been the ones at the helm of solving the biggest problems plaguing the world today. With the increasing use of blockchain, these same people have a greater opportunity than ever before to contribute to the progress the world is making in defining these solutions. As a result, careers in blockchain have gained a reputation as being emotionally rewarding by offering individuals jobs with purpose.

In recognition of the value that people play, Lightcurve, a leading blockchain studio based in Berlin under contract with Lisk, is looking to increase their team. This goal is in direct response to Lisk’s mission to one day become the most accessible blockchain application platform in the world. 

Lisk was founded in May 2016, with provisions including a software development kit (SDK) that could enable blockchain developers to create scalable and interoperable applications. To improve accessibility, applications built on Lisk could be created without learning new languages, like JavaScript or Typescript. a high barrier, and customized based on the modular design of the Lisk SDK. Together, Lisk is creating a platform that enables anyone to demonstrate a blockchain technology use case and any everyday user with the understanding to use them. Some of these use cases include Kalipo, a platform for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), and Enevti, a decentralized social media NFT platform.

Joining the movement

Already positioned as an industry leader in blockchain interoperability, use cases for the platform have shown no indications of slowing down. Lisk has since made it their aim to recruit new team members to their marketing team and many new research scientists and members for the SDK development team, platform development, exchange development, operations and business development teams. The aim is to grow from a team of 40 to a team of 80.

Based on Lisk Foundation’s recent financial report, recruitment plans are believed to move ahead as planned, evidenced by the team’s continuous efforts to liquidate BTC to ensure enough fiat was on hand to cover their expenses for a minimum of a year. These holdings are in addition to funds kept in the USD Coin (USDC) stablecoin. Lisk disclosed that these holdings are enough to cover expenses for ambitious plans the team has ahead of them. 

As the team grows, their focus on maintaining a multicultural environment at Lightcurve remains a top priority. The team is currently composed of individuals from Africa, Asia, the United States and 15 different European countries.

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Job postings are currently available on the Lightcurve careers portal. Interested parties are invited to apply and be a part of the next iteration of blockchain development.

Setting the stage for project launch

The project has made several successful leaps towards its mission, releasing Lisk Mobile v2.0.0 at the beginning of the year. However, as their team shares, 2022 will be big, with more to come from a development and marketing perspective. For example, candidates interested in joining the SDK development team will have a first-hand opportunity to support Lisk improvement proposals and future requirements planning.

Alongside growth internally, Lisk has several additional plans on its radar. Among them is the launch of the Lisk Platform, thanks to the implementation of the Interoperability Solution. The team has also shared a refocus on marketing initiatives, with a five times larger budget than before.

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