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3 factors why the MANA and SAND metaverse token rally might end quickly

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The metaverse buzz that started in 2021 liquified nearly totally by the end of 2022 as the leading jobs in the area, Decentraland, and The Sandbox, lost 95% of their market capitalization. The most popular factor for the fall was absence of use development. 

Still, the metaverse story is far from dead and will grow in the future. Reportedly, Apple will launch its VR equipment atsomepoint in spring2023 The statement was a favorable driver for MANA and SAND, triggering a double-digit cost rise.

While there’s proof of favorable purchasing volume supporting the pump, the weak principles of metaverse platforms and overheated market indications recommend that the cost pump dangers reversing rapidly.

The Apple pump and discard

Facebook’s (Meta) venture into the metaverse was one of the most popular drivers for metaverse tokens. The concept for Decentraland and The Sandbox’s development is that a decentralized metaverse would grow more than Meta’s centralized variation.

However, innovation has yet to endedupbeing popular amongst the masses. In 2022, the portion of VR users amongst Steam players was less than 2%, and the use has yet to grow over the past 2 years. This is preventing for the innovation’s adoption duetothefactthat the videogaming sector was the veryfirst to welcome it.

The innovation suffers from a essential concern where VR headsets are inappropriate for long hours. Studies haveactually discovered that extended use of headsets can cause psychological health issues.

Apple’s current VR news triggered an uptick in their metaverse tokens, however it doesn’t always equate to the success of these jobs. Samsung and Oculus, owned by Meta, currently have gadgets in the market, raising the concern about the prospective effect of Apple’s brand-new gadgets on VR adoption.

Poor use information prevents the truth of a sustained metaverse token rally

Arguably, metaverse bliss peaked in the last quarter of the verysame year when Facebook rebranded to Meta. However, the use data of the 2 most popular metaverse platforms, Sandbox and Decentraland, stayed unimpressive throughout the cost rise. Less than 5,000 distinct active wallets (UAW) were communicating with the clever agreements at the peak on both platforms.

The Sandbox special wallet addresses connecting with a dapp’s wise agreements. Source: DappRadar
Decentraland distinct wallet addresses communicating with a dapp’s wise agreements. Source: DappRadar

Since then, the use has reduced even evenmore, with less than 1,000 UAWs per day, showing awful basics.

Moreover, while the token rates have leapt, the NFT sales for Sandbox lands sanctuary’t enhanced with comparable costs and volume because the last quarter of2022 It assoonas onceagain validates that activity throughout the platform is uneventful.

Token dilution dangers stay

Decentraland is likewise on the lender list of Genesis, which submitted for personalbankruptcy last week. According to the court filings, the defunct financing company owes Decentraland $55 million.

However, according to Decentraland’s Discord, Genesis owes just $7.8 million. The neighborhood representative included, “The Treasury stays healthy and the credit quantity does not represent a significant part of the Foundation’s treasury.”

The Genesis problem hasactually been long recognized; therefore, it’s possible that the company may haveactually liquified the concern by now. However, it will mostlikely affect the rate of its environment development, which is little, to start with.

On the other hand, the SAND token suffers from the threat of dilution due to regularmonthly opens upuntil the end of Q32024 If market conditions do not enhance, some financiers might be likely to sell their part of the tokens.


Despite its drawbacks, as long as there’s a possibility that the innovation will endupbeing a part of the future. The market is continuously going to value the veryfirst movers in the area. The issue is long-lasting visions might not sustain brief to medium-term rallies.

MANA/USD everyday rate chart. Source: TradingView

The abrupt spike after days of low volatility has triggered the Relative Strength Index (RSI) metric to program overheated readings. The scenario endsupbeing more difficult as the rate is trading at resistance from the breakdown area of the FTX collapse.

Nansen information reveals exchange inflows for MANA and SAND were $8.4 million and $12.6 million, respectively. It recommends that more financiers moved to sell than buy into a favorable breakout.

Nevertheless, the current uptick in Decentraland was supported by healthy volume, as reported by information from analytics company, Santiment, which is motivating for purchasers. But MANA/USD needto take out the $0.735 resistance and assistance location for continued upside.

SAND/USD day-to-day cost chart. Source: TradingView

A comparable trading set-up for SAND sees resistance for the token around $0.93. If purchasers are above the dominate these levels for the metaverse tokens, we can anticipate the rally to continue. However, based on principles and short-term dangers, it stays notlikely if the cost can break above the resistance. 

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